The Tompkins County Amateur Radio Association

Serving Ithaca, New York and the surrounding communities

Officers & Committee Chairs

Name Call Sign Position Expires E-Mail Address
Doug Bullivant KB2BON President December 2017 tcarc-officers & chairs
Jeff Nadel N2MOF Vice President December 2017
Kirk Smith KD2IJT Treasurer December 2017
Janis Carson AB2RA Secretary December 2017
Jerry Belden N2FSD A.R.E.S. / SkyWarn Coordinator Permanent tcarc-officers & chairs
Bill Klinko KC2OYN Public Service Committee tcarc-public-service
Matthew Willis N2PYI Repeater Committee & Technical Advisor
Hugh Behar WA2LXB Field Day Committee tcarc-officers & chairs
Doug Reid NE2T VE Examinations
Doug Reid NE2T Hamfest Committee

* The A.R.E.S. / SkyWarn Coordinator is a permanent Board Position.